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The Multicultural SA online calendar highlights festivals, days of significance and other multicultural events that are celebrated and/or recognised by South Australia's diverse multicultural community.

The online calendar is a promotional tool that relies on the contributions from organisations and individuals on an ongoing basis.

Please ensure that you have read the submission conditions before submitting an event.

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Note: All festivals, days of significance and other multicultural events are not recurrent and will not automatically be republished to appear in the following years. 

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Upcoming Events

Feb 20, 2018  Chin National Day

Feb 21, 2018  Birthday of Pu Hsien P'usa - Chinese, Buddhist

Feb 21, 2018  International Mother Language Day

Feb 21, 2018  Language Movement Day - Bangladesh

Feb 22, 2018  Independence Day - St Lucia

Feb 23, 2018  Defender of the Fatherland Day - Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikstan

Feb 23, 2018  National Day - Brunei Darussalam

Feb 23, 2018  Republic Day - Guyana

Feb 24, 2018  Festival of Ayyam-i-Ha - Bahá’í

Feb 24, 2018  Flag Day - Mexico

Feb 24, 2018  Independence Day - Estonia

Feb 25, 2018  Independence Day - Kuwait

Feb 27, 2018  Independence Day - Dominican Republic

Feb 28, 2018  Purim - Jewish

Mar 01, 2018  Bosnia & Herzegovina Independence Day