Hannukah (Festival of Lights)

Event Name Hannukah (Festival of Lights)
Start Date 2nd Dec 2018 6:00pm
End Date 10th Dec 2018 6:00pm
Duration 8 days

Hanukkah, or dedication in Hebrew, is celebrated for eight days in the month of Kislev, which usually occurs in mid to late December. In this period, Jewish communities around the world commemorate the victory of the Maccabees (led by Judah) over the Hellenistic Syrians in the year 165 BC. The victory in itself was considered a miracle, but a Jewish legend of the sacramental oil gives it an additional significance.

After the eviction of the enemy from the Temple and in the process of its restoration, the Maccabees could only find enough oil for one lamp to burn one day. When the light continued to burn for eight days, they declared the whole period as the time of Hanukkah, and hence the day is also known as the Festival of Lights.

Source: Wikipedia