Western suburbs

Adelaide Metro

Provides transport services for the Adelaide Metropolitan region. Go to: http://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/ 

InfoCentre: Corner King William and Currie Streets, Adelaide
Tel: 1300 311 108
8am–6pm Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm Saturday, 11am–4pm Sunday

Advantage Refugee Tennis Program

A program to encourage refugee youth to learn tennis and to link in with the club's junior development program. Run by Grange Lawn Tennis Club, with support from the Multicultural Communities Council of SA (www.mccsa.org.au)

At: Kentdale Street, Grange 
Tel: +61 8 8353 6296

African Women's Health Mental Health Group and Education Group

For African women who are humanitarian entrants and have been in Australia for less than five years. Run by the African Women's Federation of SA.

At: 304 Henley Beach Road, Underdale
Tel: +61 8 8161 3331
Tel: +61 8 8395 1252
Email: me.lartey@bigpond.com

ARA services           

Migration seminars, information sessions, parenting workshops, community development, volunteering programs, leadership development, and housing education. For humanitarian entrants who have been in Australia for less than five years. Run by the Australian Refugee Association (www.ausref.net).

At: 304 Henley Beach Road, Underdale
Tel: +61 8 8354 2951

ARA van

Eight seater van available for communities to use on weekends, for refugee community events in the metropolitan area. Run by the Australian Refugee Association (www.ausref.net).

At: 304 Henley Beach Road, Underdale
Tel: +61 8 8354 2951
Email: reception@ausref.net

Around You

Find out what's happening in your area go to: www.aroundyou.com.au

Athol Park Neighbourhood House

Provides basic computing classes, healthy lifestyles program, scrap booking, Nintendo Wii, walking group, tai chi, playgroup, budget shopping tours, free computer use and space for community groups. For people in the City of Charles Sturt Council area. Run by City of Charles Sturt Council (www.charlessturt.sa.gov.au).

At: Fawk Reserve, Corner Hamilton Road and Adele Street, Woodville North
Tel: +61 8 8408 1313
Email: dstansfield@charlessturt.sa.gov.au

Basketball - 3Ball

3 on 3 basketball run by 3BallSA Basketball Association (www.3ballsa.basketball.net.au)

At: Main competition at Wayville Sports Centre on Sunday afternoons
Tel: 0431 213 409
Email: 3ballsa@gmail.com

Beach and water safety

Surf Lifesavers provide beach and water safety education and community training. Run by Surf Life Saving SA (www.surfrescue.com.au) and local councils.

At: 219 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville
Tel: +61 8 8354 6900
Email: surflifesaving@surfrescue.com.au

Bikes for Refugees

Provides free second hand bicycles for humanitarian entrants, and their family/household members. Also, free or low cost bicycle repair/maintenance/advice. Bike repairs in Western suburbs (Plympton). Run by the Bicycle Institute South Australia http://www.bisa.asn.au and Australian Refugee Association www.ausref.net

Tel: Mobile 0435 02 16 81, business hours +61 8 8204 4105, after hours, +61 8 8365 7489
Email: bris0014@flinders.edu.au

Bowden Brompton Community Group

Provides transitional accommodation for families who are at risk of homelessness and housing advice and support for families with a housing related problem. For anyone (not those on HSS scheme), walk in or referral through the Emergency Accommodation Service of SA. Run by Brompton Community Group (www.bbcc.org.au).

At: 19 Green Street, Brompton
Open Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm and Friday 9am to 2pm
Tel: +61 8 8340 3031
Email: administration@bbcc.org.au


Emergency assistance, financial counselling and bargain shop for those on a low income living in the western suburbs. Run by Churches of Christ SA (http://www.churchesofchrist-sa.org.au/).

At: 114 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville
Tel: +61 8 8234 5802
Email: carework@tpg.com.au

Children's centres

Provide care, education, health, community development activities and family services for families and their young children. Each Children's Centre is tailored to meet the needs of the local community. For families and their young children aged from birth to eight years of age. Run by the Department for Education and Early Childhood Development (www.decd.sa.gov.au)
Tel: +61 8 8226 1755 
Email: childrenscentres@sa.gov.au

Community centres

Community centres offer a range of activities and programs for local people. Find local community centres and houses.

Community Legal Services

Provide legal advice and referrals, negotiating on behalf of clients and, in some cases, representation in court. Some community legal services have child support workers, financial counsellors, and mediation services. In general, they help people who are not eligible for legal aid but cannot afford a private lawyer. Run by Westside Community Lawyers.

Tel: +61 8 8243 5521

Disability Rights Advocacy Service

Advocates for people with disabilities and their family members and carers For disabled people, especially those from other countries and people who may not speak or read English well. Go to the Disability Rights Advocacy Service website

At: Shop 4, 80 Henley Beach Road, Mile End
Tel: +61 8 8351 9500
Email: admin@dras.com.au

Enfield Community Centre

Hire of hall/rooms at discounted rates to community groups, various activities for children seniors, special interest groups, cultural groups and religious groups. For residents of Port Adelaide and Enfield. Run by Port Adelaide Enfield City Council (www.portenf.sa.gov.au).

At: 540 Regency Road, Enfield
Tel: +61 8 8342 9168
Email: david.paull@portenf.sa.gov.au

Financial counselling and support

Financial counselling, low cost living groups, emergency assistance and microfinance for people on low income. Run by UnitingCare Wesley Bowden.

At: Hamra Centre Library, 1 Brooker Terrace, Hilton
Tel: +61 8 8416 6228
Email: library@wtcc.sa.gov.au  

Financial counselling, emergency relief (Beulah park only), money management programs, referrals and advocacy for those on a low income state wide. Run by UnitingCare Wesley Adelaide.

At: Corner Diagonal and Oaklands Roads, Warradale
Tel: +61 8 8202 5010
Email: enquiries@ucwesleyadelaide.org.au

Financial literacy for new arrivals

Advice and support on financial matters for humanitarian entrants living in the Peachy Belt region. Run by Lutheran Community Care (www.lccare.org.au) at Davoren Park.

Tel: +61 8 8269 9300
Email: enquiries@lccsa.org.au

Free computer access

Find out where free internet, computer and training resources are available in your local area:

  • Athol Park Neighbourhood House, Fawk Reserve, Woodville North
    Tel: +61 8 8408 1353
    Email: dstansfield@charlessturt.sa.gov.au
  • Bowden Brompton Community Group, 19 Green St, Brompton
    Tel: +61 8 8340 3013
    Email: admin@bbcc.org.au 
  • Bower Cottages, 200 Bower Rd, Semaphore Park 
    Tel: +61 8 8408 1219
  • Camden Community Centre, 7 Carlisle St, Camden Park 
    Tel: +61 8 8376 0022
    Email: admin@camden.org.au
  • Cheltenham Community Centre, 62 Stroud St, Cheltenham
    Tel: +61 8 8408 1219
  • Findon Community Centre, 222 Findon Road, Findon
    Tel: +61 8 8408 1219
  • Hilton Volunteer Community Office, 1 Brooker Terrace, Hilton
    Tel: +61 8 8416 6297
    Email: sofarrell@wtcc.sa.gov.au
  • H Le Fevere Community Centre  541 Victoria Rd, Osborne
    Tel: +61 8 8248 1828
    Email: nathan.hart@portenf.sa.gov.au
  • H North East Community House, 27 Queensborough Ave, Hillcrest
    Tel: +61 8 8369 0329
    Email: nenh@tpg.com.au 
  • RSL Northfield Sub Branch, Northfield Hall, Grand Junction Rd, Northfield
    Tel: +61 8 8241 9014
  • Thebarton Community Centre, 10 Falcon Ave, Mile End
    Tel: +61 8 8416 6265 
    Email: wgalimi@wtcc.sa.gov.au
  • West Lakes Community Centre, corner West Lakes Blvd and Brebner Drv, West Lakes
    Tel: +61 8 8408 1219
  • Woodville Community Services, 72 Woodville Road, Woodville
    Tel: +61 8 8408 1333
    Email: library@charlessturt.sa.gov.au

Also available at local council offices and libraries.

Health Services Finder

A free online directory of private and public health related services in SA. Find your local health service

Homework clubs    

After-school homework clubs for high school students of refugee backgrounds. Run by the Australian Refugee Association (www.ausref.net)

  • Twelve25 Youth Centre, 17-19 Wiltshire Street, Salisbury 
    Tuesdays 4-6 pm

Tel: +61 8 8354 2951
Email: Natalie.matulick@ausref.net


The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, 28 Woodville Road, Woodville 
Tel: +61 8 8222 6000

Humanitarian Settlement Services

You can find out more about services in your area via the Department of Social Service's interactive map of settlement services for humanitarian entrants.


Immunisation for all adults and children is provided by General Practices. Find your local health service

Immunisation for new humanitarian arrivals is provided by the New Arrivals Refugee Immunisation Program, run by the Department of Health (www.health.sa.gov.au):

  • Charles Sturt: Tel: +61 8 8408 1111
  • Port Adelaide: 1300 364 264
  • West Torrens Council: Tel: +61 8 8416 6333

For more information contact: Immunisation Section 1300 232 272

Immunisation for children is also provided by:

Child and Youth Health at a range of sites across South Australia
1300 733 606 - Call between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday
Some local councils: See www.lga.sa.gov.au for more details 

Justice of the Peace

Available to authorise copies of original documents and sign statutory declarations for free. To find a JP in your area go to http://jp.agd.sa.gov.au/JPPublicWeb/ and enter either a postcode, suburb or name of a JP. Run by the Australian Refugee Association (www.ausref.net)

At: 304 Henley Beach Road, Underdale
Tel: +61 8 8354 2951
Email: reception@ausref.net


Various information is available at local libraries, often in other languages. See http://www.libraries.sa.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=6 for your nearest library.

Local and District Councils

Local and district councils provide a range of services for those resident in their council area. Information can be found at: http://www.lga.sa.gov.au. Find your local council

Map of South Australia

Community services
For transport
For social and political information
For tourist information

Multicultural, Languages and Learning Resource Centre (AML&LRC)

AML&LRC provides a library service to educators state-wide across all levels and sectors to support curriculum relating to multicultural and intercultural understanding, languages, ESL and IELC. Also supports research by educators, pre-service educators and community members. For educators and community members.

At: 255 Torrens Road, West Croydon  
Tel: +61 8 8301 4850 
Email: decdamllrc@sa.gov.au 

Multicultural families services

Provides information, support and advice on a range of matters via workshops in a range of languages on relevant topics, such as parenting, for people of multicultural backgrounds. Run by Uniting Care Wesley (www.wcwesleyadelaide.org.au)

At: Bowden
Tel: +61 8 8342 0899 
Email: ccls@ucwesleyadelaide.org.au

Personal counselling

Family counselling, individual counselling and financial counseling on sexual concerns, domestic and family violence, separation, HIV and Hepatitis, post adoption, and problem gambling. Run by Relationships Australia (SA) (www.rasa.org.au)

At: Hindmarsh
Tel: +61 8 8223 4566 / 1300 364 277 / 1800 182 325
Email: mail@rasa.com.au

Primary Healthcare Services - The Parks

General practice, men's and women's health, children's health, immunisation, health assessments, care plans, chronic disease management, nursing services, physiotherapy, podiatry, dietitian, psychologist, diabetes education and pathology. For anyone living in postcodes: 5007 to 5013

Westwood Medical Centre
At: 3/40-44 Trafford Street, Angle Park
Open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm, Saturday 8:30am to 12pm
Tel: +61 8 8300 7200
Web: westwoodmc.com.au

Primary Healthcare Services - Port Adelaide

·     Medical clinic - GPs, nurses, Aboriginal health practitioners. Allied health services - podiatry, dietitian, speech therapy, occupational therapy, diabetes education, family support, wellbeing services and social workers

Wonggangga Turtpandi Aboriginal Primary Health Care Service
At: Corner Church Street & Dale Street, Port Adelaide
Tel: +61 8 8240 9611

Relief and counselling

Emergency relief, financial counselling and general counselling for local residents, by appointment. Delivered by the Salvation Army Support Services (www.salvos.org.au).

1-7 Bray Street, Kilkenny, Arndale 
Tel: +61 8 8445 2044
Email: heather.churches@aus.salvationarmy.org

Religious groups

For information about religious groups, including local chapels, temples, mosques, churches, synagogues and centres: http://www.sacommunity.info/thesaurus/14616-Religions_%2526_Philosophies

Sexual health advice

Free, Confidential Sexual Health Clinics and Counselling for all new arrivals.

Run by SHine SA (www.shinesa.org.au)
GP Plus, 64C Woodville Road, Woodville
Tel: +61 8 8300 5300
Open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (please phone for appointment)
Sexual Health Information: 1300 883 793
Email: sexualhealthhotline@health.sa.gov.au 

Shared resources

Many SA Government owned resources can be used for free or for a small fee by voluntary organisations and community groups:

  • The Parks Community Centre, Building 4, 2-46 Cowan Street, Angle Park
    Meeting room and kitchen facilities available for use by volunteer organisations
    Tel: 131 299
  • Children Youth and Women's Health Services: Friends of Child and Family Health Branches
    Various locations across South Australia
  • A range of resources available for use by volunteer organisations
    Tel: +61 8 8303 1544
    Email: Lynne.whitcher@health.sa.gov.au
  • SA Schools and Preschools
    Various locations across South Australia
    Government schools and preschools across the state have a wide variety of facilities and resources available for use by volunteer organisations. To find out more, contact your local schools' Principal/Director. You can find all the locations and contact details for schools in your local area by visiting the Department of Education and Child Development website at www.decd.sa.gov.au/locs/
    Campuses offer a variety of resources to volunteer organisations for a special discounted hire price - 50% off the usual hire fee. These resources will vary from campus to campus
    • Marleston Campus, 254 Richmond Road, Marleston
    • Croydon Campus, 49 Goodall Avenue, Croydon Park
    • Port Adelaide Campus, 1 Mundy Street, Port Adelaide
    • Regency Park Campus, 137 Days Road, Regency Park
    • Email: roombookings@tafesa.edu.au


Supports the coordination and delivery of learning activities for adults, designed to help them to make successful transitions to vocational education and training and the achievement of post-school qualifications. Run by the Vietnamese Community in Australia SA Chapter

At: Kilkenny
Tel: +61 8 8447 8821
Email: lan.mongnguyen@sa.vnca.org.au

Transport services

Provides transport for frail, elderly and younger disabled members of CALD communities. Run by the Multicultural Communities Council of SA (MCCSA)

At: 113 Gilbert Street, Adelaide
Tel: +61 8 8345 5266
Email: mccsa@mccsa.org.au

Western Adelaide Transitions (WAT)

An alternative to mainstream school and takes a holistic and innovative approach using teachers, youth workers and volunteers, as well as individual case management, to support young people to achieve their full potential. Focuses heavily on literacy and numeracy as well as life skills and community engagement. Run by Baptist Care SA (www.baptistcaresa.org.au)

Tel: 1300 654 450

Western Area Multicultural Youth Services (WAMYS)

Provides a range of services including:

  • one-to-one support in case work and mentoring
  • group work
  • information and referral
  • community development / youth participation projects
  • job search assistance
  • partnerships
  • educational supports
  • F.L.O programs/ case Management
  • outreach, Girls group and Drop In (Mon-Thu, 2-5pm, Fri session run by The City of Charles Sturt from 2-7pm)

Run by Uniting Care Wesley Port Adelaide Youth Services. http://www.ucwpa.org.au/program-details-system-page/91

At: 65 Woodville Road, Woodville SA 5011
Tel: +61 8 8408 1317
Email: jkollias@ucwpa.org.au

Women's health and safety

Well Women's Clinics run by nurses, midwives and senior medical officers. Focused on screening, assessment and education to improve women's health and safety and the protection of children. Clinics focus on gynaecological problems and risks; women's safety at home; counselling; group programs on body image, healthy eating, improved health and safety outcomes, mindfulness and multicultural carers. All services (including female interpreters) are free of charge with a Medicare card. Run by Women's Health & Safety (www.health.sa.gov.au)

At: 47 Dale Street, Port Adelaide
Tel: +61 8 8444 0700