Yorke and Mid‑North

Around You

Find out what's happening in your area. Go to: www.aroundyou.com.au

Community centres

Community centres offer a range of activities and programs for local people. Find local community centres and houses.

Free computer access

Find out where free internet, computer and training resources are available (some restrictions apply)

  • Lower North Leisure Options
    Webb Street, Clare
    Tel: +61 8 8842 6500 
    Email: clarereceptiondesk@health.sa.gov.au 
  • Moonta Community Centre
    Blanche Terrace, Moonta
    Tel: +61 8 8825 1511 
    Email: mlibrary@moontaas.sa.edu.au 
  • Port Pirie Regional Tourism and Arts Centre
    3 Mary Elie Street, Port Pirie
    Tel: +61 8 8633 8700 
    Email: bjackson@pirie.sa.gov.au 
  • Robertstown Community Centre
    7 Commercial Street, Robertstown
    Tel: +61 8 8581 7209 
    Email: carls67@activ8.net.au
  • Saddleworth Community Centre
    19 Belvedere Road, Saddleworth
    Tel: +61 8 8842 3817
    Email: lymburn.heather@plain.sa.gov.au 
  • Spalding Roadhouse
    1 Main Street, Spalding
    Tel: +61 8 8845 2114
  • Southern Yorke Peninsula Community Telecentre
    33 Stansbury Road, Yorketown 
    Tel: +61 8 8852 1820
    Email: sypctcadmin@sypctc.on.net 
  • Wallaroo Volunteer Resource Centre
    Irwin Street, Wallaroo
    Tel: +61 8 8821 1600
    Email: goconnor@coppercoast.sa.gov.au 
  • Wilmington Australia Post
    Main North Road, Wilmington
    Tel: +61 8 8667 5074

Also available at local council offices and libraries.

Health Services Finder

A free online directory of useful information about private and public health related services in SA. Find your local health service


Port Pirie Hospital, Corner The Terrace and Alexander Street, Port Pirie
Tel: +61 8 8638 4500

Humanitarian Settlement Services

You can find out more about services in your area via the Department of Social Service's interactive map of settlement services for humanitarian entrants.


Various information is available at local libraries, often in other languages.

Local and District Councils

Local and district councils provide a range of services for those resident in their council area.

Office of Consumer and Business Services


Provides services and information to the general public on:

  • Consumer Affairs (includes Product Safety)
  • Business and Occupational Services (includes Business Names,
  • Associations and Co-operatives, Licensing)
  • Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Tenancies (includes Residential, Retail, Bonds and support to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal)

At: Shop 7-8, 72-80 Ellen Street, Port Pirie
10 Digby Street, Kadina
Tel: 131 882

Religious groups

Information about religious groups, including local chapels, temples, mosques, churches, synagogues and centres.

Saver Plus

A 10-month financial literacy and matched savings program that assists families to gain financial skills, establish a savings goal and develop long term savings habits. For those on low incomes who are 18 years or over and have a health care or pension card and earnings from paid employment who are living in areas where Saver Plus is operating and have children enrolled in a school or be attending or returning to vocational education. Run by The Smith Family (http://www.thesmithfamily.com.au)

Shop 2 – AMP, Flinders Arcade, 72 Ellen Street, Port Pirie
Tel: +61 8 8632 5870 / 0417 060 250 
Email: Marie.ThereseSmith@thesmithfamily.com.au

Shared resources

Many SA government owned resources can be used for free or a small fee by voluntary organisations and community groups.

  • Disability SA (Clare)
    Office 1, Clarevale Office Precinct, 17 Lennon Street, Clare
    Small meeting room, kitchen, tea and coffee facilities, toilets and street parking.
    Tel: +61 8 8842 3744
  • Disability SA (Port Pirie)76 Florence Street, Port Pirie
    Meeting rooms with electronic whiteboard, tables and chairs, data projector, tea and coffee facilities, toilets and street parking.
    Tel: +61 8 8632 0155
  • Families SA (Port Pirie)
    75 Gertrude Street, Port Pirie
    Conference room
    Tel: +61 8 8638 4311
     Email: marc.congdon@dcsi.sa.gov.au 
  • SA Schools and Preschools
    Various locations
    Government schools and preschools across the state have a wide variety of facilities and resources available for use by volunteer organisations. These can include facilities like meeting spaces and ovals
    To find out more about what's available in your community, contact your local schools' Principal/Director. You can find all the locations and contact details for schools in your local area by visiting the Department of Education and Child Development at www.decd.sa.gov.au/locs/
  • Children Youth and Women's Health Services: Friends of Child and Family Health Branches
    Various locations
    Offer a range of resources available for use by volunteer organisations. These can include facilities like meeting spaces
    Tel: +61 8 8303 1544 
    Email: Lynne.whitcher@health.sa.gov.au 
    Offer a variety of resources to volunteer organisations for a special discounted hire price - 50% off the usual hire fee. These resources will vary from campus to campus
    • Clare Campus, 155 Main North Road, Clare
    • Kadina Campus, 1A Doswell Terrace, Kadina
    • Port Pirie Campus, Mary Elis Street, Port Pirie
    • Email: roombookings@tafesa.edu.au


Supports the coordination and delivery of learning activities for adults, designed to help them to make successful transitions to vocational education and training and the achievement of post-school qualifications. Run by Uniting Care Wesley Port Pirie (www.ucwpp.org.au)

60 Florence Street, Port Pirie
Tel: +61 8 8633 9000
Email: louise.bearman@ucwpp.org.au