Interpreting and Translating

Do you, your client or your community require an interpreter or a translator to help you access State Government services or information?

The Interpreting and Translating Centre is DHS' preferred provider for confidential and professional face-to-face and telephone services. See their website for contact details and more information.

Service providers

Multicultural SA has created a series of checklists and fact sheets for communicating with multicultural communities.

State Government staff

Each State Government department follows their own policy regarding the use of interpreting and translating services.

DHS staff must use a mandated Interpreting and Translating Register to record every time they engage interpreting or translating services to communicate with clients. The Register is part of an Interpreting and Translating Policy.

DHS staff can access the Register and more information through Quick Links on the Intranet homepage.

Staff from other State Government departments must consult their own policy register or policy staff for their specific procedures.

Interpreting and Translating Policy (June 2017)

South Australian Interpreting and Translating Policy for Migrant and Non-Verbal (sign) Languages